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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - Full

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artistic Photo Shoot

These photos are from an artistic-surreal photo shoot I did a few months ago in the mustard fields of Napa Valley, CA. Two of the photos from this photo shoot were showcased on One Model Place.
Photos by Curvy Pixels Photography. I hope you enjoy this short slide show.


  1. Those pictures are great! I love the dress, the poses, the whole look is very carefree. How fun.:)

    I grew up near Napa in central California. Your pictures made me look outside and wonder what the heck am I doing in Idaho now?


  2. Elain,
    Those are just beautiful. What a lovely picture you are in the field. Happy Holidays to you. You are contributing to the beautification of the planet.


  3. Wow. Really lovely stuff. I'm listening to Enya right now, and it makes the perfect soundtrack.

  4. I really like your photos! Great shoot and perfect song to match the slide show. The whole thing came together great.

  5. great pics.very artistic.and i have to add that ur hot

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  6. Hi Elaine,

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