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Friday, November 7, 2008

Displays Of Affection In Public and The Law

What about laws of indecent exposure? Have they affected anyone or is it all hype?

If you think that public displays of affection are a wonderful thing when you are in love, ensure you don't overdo when displaying your affection in public. Read this story and make sure this doesn't happen to you if you love displaying your affection in public.

Dubai is becoming a modern vacation resort for vacationers desiring to get away in the warm climate and the palm trees in the surroundings of warm water. But recently a British woman named Michelle Palmer, a publishing company employee, age thirty, who lives and works in Dubai was arrested on July fifth while she was humping on a public beach.

According to the local police reports, Michelle Palmer and her lover, who at this time is merely known to the media as Vince a vacationer from England as well, were caught once, given a warning and then caught again. Public displays of affection are strictly illegal in Dubai. Moreover, having sex in public is punishable up to six years which Michelle Palmer is now facing because local authorities are trying to convey a message to the westerners vacation travelers invading their town.

There have been hearsays that the pair got married because their recent sex related actions leading to the arrest are warning a more painful sentence. It better not to believe in such strict legal philosophies, but if there's one thing to learn growing up on the border of Mexico it's that you don't go to a foreign country, blatantly break their laws and then cry out about it to your government when you get thrown in a scary jail.