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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - Full

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - Full

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

MakeUp and Photo Shoot by JWCosmetics

Since I published my previous post Photo Shoot for JWCosmetics, where you can see some final images from the shoot, I have decided to post a video that was shot during actual makeup applications. Make Up, Product and Photography by JWCosmetics.

JWCosmetics Photo Shoot

Here is a short video from a photo shoot for JWCosmetics

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Model Elaine's Florida Trip April 2008

If you have been checking my blog regularly, you probably noticed that I have not updated it in a while. In, I think I have not posted anything since March. The reasons are multiple.

In April 2008 I went on a two-week trip to St. Pete, Fl. I stayed with a talented photographer and an amazing friend Nic (Michael Nicoletti). This was my second trip to Florida since last year and I got an opportunity to see the other coast of the peninsula. It was a great trip and we (I and Nic) got some fantastic pictures featuring me and the beautiful scenery.

By the way, if you are model who is travelling to Florida, you should definitely shoot with Nic. He is an easy-going guy and a friend. And if you are looking for references, I will gladly provide them.

And here are some photos that I and Nic created during my trip. We shot mostly at the sunset when the colors are the most amazing and vivid, and the ocean ripple came out amazingly well in the rays of the descending sun. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Fortunately for me, my MetroPCS cell phone service was working in FL without roaming and I was able to enjoy unlimited text messaging privileges and phone calls which made it a lot more fun.

Another creative outlet that I picked up while in FL was photography. I have always been fascinated by photography and on this recent trip I was able to actually pick up the camera and take some test shoots. Now I am looking forward to learning more about photography and photo journalism.