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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 - Full

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Would a Model Date a Photographer?

Would a model date one of her photographers? Was a thread I found on one of the modeling networks. Interestingly enough, some models have admitted dating a photographer. Some models even admitted marrying a photographer. I know some models who have married photographers, so I guess the answer to the question whether a model would date a photographer could be positive.

On the other hand, some models and photographers in the modeling forum said that for a model to date a photographer, the model has to be very self-confident. It takes a lot of courage, according to them to take a man who is always surrounded by other beautiful models due to his line of work. I have known some photographers whose girlfriends broke up with them because they were always jealous of the beautiful models that the photographer was working with. By the same token, I have also known some married couples whereas the husband was a fashion and beauty photographer, and the wife was not a model. But they got along just fine. So, I guess, it depends on the people. As long as there is no jealousy and insecurity it can work just fine.

While is it easy for a model and a photographer to get acquainted through a social networking site, or a modeling networking site, those modeling sites are not dating sites. If you want to know where to find a model to date, a model who is single and looking, read Dating Models

Monday, September 29, 2008

What Does Gas Shortage Means For Aspiring Models?

Is there really gas shortage or is it just a set up to keep gas prices going through the roof? People all over the country complain about gas stations being closed due to lack of fuel. The areas affected the most are Atlanta, GA and Texas. Who would have thought that Texas would be affected by gas deficiency?

One model complained on a modeling forum that she had to stand in line for a half hour to fill up her gas tank. Another model in Texas said she had to wait at a gas station for four hours and when she finally got to the gas pump, all gas was out.

With the increasing prices of gas and it’s deficit the outlook for aspiring models who used to be able to travel for unpaid modeling assignments AKA TFP/TFCD (which stands for time for print, or time for CD with images) is less than optimistic. When an aspiring model, who is usually a student, begins her modeling career, she is often required to build a portfolio which she can present to potential commercial clients. TFCD is an excellent and known way to obtain portfolio pictures without paying highly priced photographers for professional portfolio-quality photographs. But paying an arm and a leg for gas to get to the photo studio almost doesn’t justify it.

That’s only a part of the problem. The current situation in the financial markets has affected the ability of the banks to lend money. What will happen to our student loans no one knows at this point. After rejection of the rescue bail out Government proposal by the lawmakers, there is a chance that aspiring models will have to shift their efforts from full-time schooling into the higher-paying adult industry.