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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Test Shoot

If you decide to opt for freelancing, you will need to start building your portfolio, so that you can show it to potential clients. With freelancing, models will usually submit professional photos to a photographer who is in charge of the client’s project. Usually the photographer acts as an art director, even though the client will ultimately approve the choice of models.

The easiest way to build a professional-looking portfolio and to learn how to pose is by going to so-called test shoots. Photographers often refer to test shoots as TFP/TFCD, which stands for Time For Print, or Time For CD. That means that the photographer provides his services to the model in exchange for her/his time. Ideally, the photographer will ask the model to work on his creative ideas, and in exchange, the model will get images that she desires for her own portfolio.

The photographer will ask the model to sign a standard model release, which is a document that says that for valuable consideration received (which will be the images from the shoot) you (model) give the photographer the right to use the images of you that he creates. Find out whether the photographer intends on using the photos for commercial purposes and read what the release says. Sometimes a model can even get paid a small percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the images to a stock agency, an art gallery, a coffee table book or a calendar.
When you are getting ready for a test shoot, ask the photographer beforehand what he wants you to bring to the shoot, whether makeup artist or stylist will be present, or you are expected to do your own makeup.

Photographers will have different requirements for the shoot, depending on many factors, skill level, and personal preferences. Some photographers do not like to shoot models wearing white because of the lighting they intend on using. However, some photographers prefer shooting white wardrobe.

If you are going to shoot swimsuit or lingerie, or nothing at all for that matter, make sure you come to the shoot wearing clothes that are loose to avoid marks that could be left by socks, fit jeans and even underwear. Be prepared to spend several hours or a whole day at the shoot, so make sure you are well-rested.

If you are lucky, and the photographer is experienced at shooting models, he may give you suggestions on how to pose. However, here I will give you a short overview on posing and expressions.

Shooting Fashion

You have to convey grace when you do a fashion shoot. The best looking fashion photos come out when your shoulders are turned toward the camera, and your hips are facing sideways. That gives you extra-thin look, and that is what fashion models are. Make sure that your arms stay in the frame, but do not press then against your body. Arms pressed against your body look awkward and appear larger then they really are. Besides, that makes you look heavier. Remember, the camera visually adds fifteen pounds. The best pose is with your arms on your hips, elbows facing the sides, arms parallel to the camera. That pose creates what’s called “positive-negative” space. Try not to put your arms right in front of the lens. Keep your hands parallel to the lens as well to the extend that you can.

Ask the photographer whether he is going to use a wide-angle lens. Generally, a wide angle works best for full body shots. It adds length to your body. However, it may make the opposite effect when you take poses that are not intended for it.Shooting Swimsuit and Lingerie is very different from shooting fashion. The main appeal in shooting lingerie is sexiness. Bring out your curves, and put on a smile. Throw one of your hips out. The more curves can your body create, the better, even if you are not very curvy naturally. Shooting glamour is very similar to shooting lingerie and swimsuit.

Artistic and Artistic Nude

That is when your personality comes to play. Artistic photography is about the mood. It is not in any way playful, but rather pensive. Your pose and expression should convey this mood.

Commercial Print is all about the energy. It is about everyday people doing everyday things. Going to work, driving in traffic, talking on the phone, discussing a project, etc. Imagine yourself in the type of settings that they are, and do not think about posing for a moment. The best commercial images come out when the model is just beeing natural. Forget everything you have learned in the previous steps of this chapter, relax and be your own self.

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