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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Makeup Giveaway

Makeup Giveaway January 2009 - Class Action Settlement Makeup Giveaways - What's Left?

The class action law suit settlement cosmetic giveaways are coming to the end. The cosmetics giveaway that was the result of a class action filed on behalf of consumers who purchased high-end makeup products from several make up manufacturers named as defendants in a class action law suit alleging wrongdoings began on January 21, 2009 and was a free makeup giveaway to last from January 21 for seven days thereafter. The remaining and not distributed makeup products were to be donated to charity.

It doesn’t seem that cosmetics giveaways will last much longer and that there will be any free makeup left for charity. You can read about the particular products and brand names everywhere in the media, so I will not repeat all the same information. What I want to point out is that after only two days of this free makeup giveaways event, there isn’t much left. People lined up outside the store and it appeared that multiple people have repeated the tip several times. Apparently, there were groups of people that stood in line several feet apart, joining each other as the line got closer and getting at the end of the line as soon as they walked outside.

These repeat trips seemed to not go unnoticed. The store stuff supervising the line outside the store told the repeat freebie seekers not to get in line again. However, it was reported countrywide that people have gotten multiple items by repeating their trips to the same store on January 21 before the staff became stricter. Some make up giveaway participants drove from store to store to pick up different makeup giveaway items.

By now, many stores have completely run out of items and have signs: “out of product”. Others still have a couple of products leftover which does not seem like it is going to last much past the rush hour today. The items left appear to be the same at the different stores, which is Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder and Moisture Surge by Clinique.

These are the only two items that are seemingly left as of today, January 22, 2009. Doesn’t look like there will be anything in stores tomorrow from this class action makeup giveaway.

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